Tuesday, February 06, 2007

Still below zero

It is still cold here so we are staying indors (difficult for all of us!) I spent Saturday watching PBS cooking and travel shows - I mean it, ALL of Saturday. It got my travel bug awakened and ready to go so I spent much of Sunday looking at airfares!

Evie spent the weekend mostly with friends. Scott read books all weekend.

By Sunday night we were all back together and decided to learn some Japanese (Evie's newest love). We worked on basic phrases and counting and writingsome katakana. We made a meal from a Japanese cookbook and did some reading about Japanese festivals.

Monday was a condensed day with friends in the afternoon. Evie and I are still on a biographies binge and we are reading about Louisa May Alcott (my favorite author of all times).

Not much to report really, lots of books, lots of movies, lots of snuggling. I think we are storing up energy for when the pool opens in the summer!

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