Monday, January 08, 2007

Prehistoric Paleozoic Pals

When I was little I went to Montessori school (ages 4-12). One of my very favorite things was this Timeline of Life. Maybe it is because my dad was trained as a geologist (he's a farmer now), maybe it is because the particles in my current body used to be in a trilobite, but I LOVE studying the history of the earth. For Christmas this year my fabulous parents bought our family the aforementioned timeline as well as this one. We immediately laid it all out. Evie then received a bag of fossils from her great aunt and uncle, the following picture is her screaming, "WOW! REAL TRILOBITES!!!!!"

Well, today Evie and I decided to place her new fossils in their correct place on the timeline (sadly I did not get pictures of this process, I was too excited). Then we decided we needed more specimens--enter Sculpey! We copied a few from books and made up a few, after they were baked we decided to make specimen cards. Scott then came up with a wonderful way to display them (pictures of display soon). Following are four of Evie's creations and one of mine:

Part of me cracks up that this qualifies as a really good time in our house, all of me revels in it!

Tomorrow I think Kaya gets Sculpey pemmican!

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