Wednesday, January 31, 2007

Hooray I'm tagged!

We just returned from a week in Florida (much to tell, little time to write right now) and I discovered that I had been tagged by Danielle over at Organic Learning (one of my "must read" blogs). I admit, I am thrilled, maybe someone out there actually reads about our lovely life!

I am supposed to tell 6 (only six!) weird things about myself and then tag 6 others--here goes:

1) I find vacuuming HUGELY relaxing, I started a cleaning business as a result and my husband occasionally suggests that I "go vacuum something" to relax after a rough day.

2) I sleep with my legs crossed (as if sitting up) but flopped over my legs.

3) I can ALWAYS remember what I was wearing when something happened (all of my childhood memories are filed by outfit).

4) I shuffle my feet and could probably trip on a piece of paper.

5) I cry when people win a lot on game shows.

6) I can easily put both my feet behind my head.

Of course that all only scratches the surface of my weirdness!

I don't know if I will add fresh folks to the tagged bloggers but I tag: Tiff, Beth who-knows-who-she-is , Celeste, Ren, Vicki , and Melissa.

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