Tuesday, December 19, 2006

Attempting to savor

In the past 6 days Evie has had a double grandma day full of mini-golf and secret errands, we have seen the trees at the governor's mansion, fairy houses and mini trains at the local botanical garden, we saw the Nutcracker, decorated our tree, made our traditional cream cheese mints amidst huge guffaws of laughter. We have been so lucky to have Scott's mom here and, of course, my parents are close by so we have all been together.

I have been surfing my favorite crafting sites and savoring what others are doing. We are having a big solstice party in two days and I am not prepared! I just want it to snow and then I need some hours to veg and look at the snow.

Scott and I woke up with the stomach flu in the night last night, I am wiped out. Evie is fine, I hope she stays that way. Following are a few pics from our weekend. Every year I make Evie a spacial dress for going to the Nutcracker--I think I outdid myself this time!

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