Saturday, November 04, 2006

A whole week

I am not sure how a whole week has gone by without my posting. I don't know how time goes so fast.

Here are some things Evie told me this week: if you have 14 babies at one time they would be called "tetradectuplets." The pharynx is the tube that connects your nose to your mouth and it is the place "bubbles go up when you drink fizzy water." Cabbage juice is really fun to play with. Nancy Drew has a combat roll (kayaking).

I have been excited by my reading: Self Help, Inc. : Makeover Culture In American Life and Everything Bad Is Good For You and Interface Culture: How New Technology Transforms the Way We Communicate. I started a new business making photo cards from pictures the family has taken. I have already sold 50 cards an have them in one local store with two more to be tackled this week.

I realized I am really happy with my life and myself and I should use my contentment for political action by forging networks with people of similar beliefs so we can all challenge the cultural paradigm.

I am thinking about Winter Solstice presents, I joined a great creative trade group and we are getting into Artist Trading Cards.

I also realized that our family life is almost unique, even among so many wonderful local homeschoolers. I want to thank Sandra Dodd and Joyce Fetteroll and Ren Allen for being such prolific and thoughtful writers. I know I am not alone, we must all make connections to change the world.

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kimzyn said...

We are equally in to the ATCs. Addictive aren't they? I see you love kayaking. I just fell in love with my aunt's ocean kayak this summer and really want to get one to use on Lake Michigan.
Enjoyed your blog.