Thursday, October 19, 2006

Mixed Bag

I have a lot to say today, it is also shaping up to be a busy day so who knows how much will make it to the blog--apologies and warning to friends whom I will see throughout the day, you may be in for an earfull!

First the good stuff! I picked up the book The Remarkable Journey of Gustavus Bell for twenty-five cents at a library book sale. It was one of the best read-alouds we have had in awhile and I loved doing all the voices. Amazon had little info n it so check out your library!

Second on the "book recommendation" front is the series Childhood of Famous Americans. Wow! We picked up the book on Martha Washington while at Mt. Vernon last week, we devoured it together as our read-aloud. Then at the Smithsonian Air and Space Museum Evie picked out the one about Amerla Earhart. She got into on the train ride home and couldn't put it down. I asked if I could read it too and I sailed through it and finished it while she was absorbed in the new Barbie fantasy (see yesterday's post). Now Evie wants to collect all of these wonderful books (yikes!) and wants the book about Abigail Adams next. Sounding just like Dorothy Ann from The Magic School Bus Evie said to me, on the way home from the Lincoln Monument, "According to my research [which was a Fandex on First Ladies] people said Abigail Adams should have been president instead of her dumb husband. I want to read about her!" Okey-dokey!

I am back to this after a long, cold day. I am too tired to finish off the rest of what I hav to say. Nutshell? People who make their children go to school are ruining their relationship with their kids in an irreparable way.

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