Wednesday, October 11, 2006

"Good Morning Lady Washington!"

We spent the day at Mt. Vernon today! We met Mrs. Washington, she taught Evie to curtsy and she taught us all the phrase she thought was the best piece of advice she has ever received: "Always be busy as a bee, cheerful as a cricket and steady as a clock." We toured the Mansion, learned that green pigment was the most expensive and therefore a sign of wealth when seen in one's home. Washington has several BRIGHT green rooms!

We ran into some other homeschoolers, saw Washington's tomb, saw a threshing demonstration in a 16 sided barn created by Washington. Evie pounded corn into meal. We learned about the incredibly hard lives of plantation slaves. We saw Washington's grist mill and bought 2 pounds of meal from it.

Then we came home and watched Dancing with the Stars.

A day well lived, stay tuned for more!

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