Friday, October 27, 2006

Friday is the end

I worked this morning, no one home at either place so I was alone with my thoughts about Memetics. The books I am reading now make me realize how forward thinking I was as an undergraduate in cultural and linguistic anthropology. The stuff I was so excited about then is coming to the forefront now. I am loving what I am reading (more to come on that this weekend) and I feel an article coming on!

I was home early from work today and took the afternoon to shop--not a standard activity for me. I found a GORGEOUS dress for 70% off and I bought it! I also bought Evie some Halloween barrettes, some sparkling lemonade and a bottle of wine (that's for me). I am feeling tired and happy today.

Evie spent the day with my mom, I am sure they had a blast!

Lots of parties this weekend, maybe a walk in the woods. Have a great weekend everyone!

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