Monday, August 28, 2006

Egypt Resources

Evie and her friends are playing Barbies. I am so glad the Barbies are out again. It means fall is coming (more indoor play) and, for Evie, Barbies mean huge bursts in personal confidence and skills--can't really explain that one but I have observed it before. Shrieks and giggles are escaping every once in awhile and I think our Egyptian period may be coming to a close--for now. Someone asked me what books we had particularly enjoyed so. . . here you go!

My World: Ancient Egypt This one has a story and a TON of instructions for making things. We bought it off the "cheapo" table at the MN Historical Society and it started this avalanche of interest in ancient civilizations.

Who Built the Pyramids?
Magic Tree House Research Guide: Mummies and Pyramids
Story of the Nile
Ms. Frizzle's Adventures in Ancient Egypt
The Atlas of Ancient Egypt
Pyramid David Macaulay's books can't be beat!
DK Eyewitness: Ancient Egypt
Egyptian Town
Egyptian Mummies
Adventures in Ancient Egypt This is part of a fantastic series, we recommend them all!
Egyptian Myths
Spend the Day in Ancient Egypt Another book full of great ideas of things to make.

There you go! I guess we just did a "unit study," funny, I thought we were just livin' life!

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