Saturday, August 19, 2006

Communing with Nature

Today we had an old fashioned family day. Evie was anxious to take a long kayak trip so we popped in the boats with a picnic and paddled across the big lake near us. She paddled much of the way and we towed her a little too. It was cloudy so there was no glare off the water and very cool and breezy. After a picnic and a swim we paddled back along the other shore until home.

Tonight we went on a night hike at our local Arboretum. The theme was "Insect Serenade" and at times the little buggers were deafening. We had great naturalists and there were so many people there were two groups! It is enchanting to see a place one is so familiar with in a whole new light . . . or rather, dark!

Tomorrow is house projects and chores. I am hoping for more calm family togetherness!

A day well lived!

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