Tuesday, August 15, 2006

Check my ears

You can always tell my overall mood by checking my ears. If I am wearing earrings I am feeling confident and happy. The bolder the earrings the better my mood. No earrings? Watch out! I haven't worn earrings for almost two weeks. Scott has been out of town for a LONG time and we have had all sorts of bad news in the famiy (I am not going to going into all that). Blogging has seemed so incredibly "public" to me that I have just cacooned up at home and waited for the day when I wanted to wear dangly earrings again. I am back!

Evie and I have done some fun stuff in the past few weeks including a visit to Fort Snelling in Minneapolis where we really got to participate in the daily life of the Fort (we both love living history stuff). The MN landscape arboretum also had a neat show on of secret gardens--gardens designed to surprise and delight. Following are pictures from that adventure.

I am in my usual "end of summer" panic. This will be our first official year with Evie not in school, the first year we have to fill our "the form." Is she ever going to be a good writer? Is she ever going to know math facts easily enough to recall them quickly when she wants/needs them? Does it matter? What do I REALLY want for her?


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