Monday, June 05, 2006

Children are generous

On Friday two of Evie's friends slept over. A sleepover at our house usually involves lots of giggling and a viewing and reproduction of a Cirque du Soleil DVD. At 10:30 on Friday night the girls came downstairs to ask me to help them turn out a particular light. I asked if they were extra tired. They replied, "No, we have to get up early tomorrow to make lemonade for the race." Each year the Susan G. Komen Race for the Cure goes right down our street. The girls got up early to make signs for a free pink lemonade stand and made a donation cup for the race. The neighbors all got involved and 8000 people streamed by our house. We had people washing cups, people making lemonade, five kids handing out lemonade, and even more neighbors watching babies. We cheered survivors, we cried over people running in memory. The kiddos raised $30.50 in donations and were walking on the clouds all day.

I am so proud of them. It was a great day well lived!

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