Friday, April 14, 2006

Seder and Hailstorms

Yesterday was CRAZY! We went to a local farm in the morning with some homeschooling friends to see the new baby animals of the spring. We go every year and the farmer, Ray, is about the nicest, most gentle interested man there ever was. He is respectful of chidren, enthusiastic and generally wonderful. Evie said the lambs and bunnies were her favorites.

From there we went to park day. It was hot and full of kiddos. Evie wanted to leave after a few hours for reasons un-revealed. She got bit by a bunch of sand fleas yesterday and is itchy as heck! Poor thing!

We did a little shopping for Scotland and then got home in time for Evie to play with friends for 20 minutes and I could cut up fruit for a Seder we went to. The Seder was WONDERFUL!!! Some friends of my parents invited us, I haven't been to one in a few years and Evie never had. She was the only kid and had LOTS of jobs. She was enthusiastic and participatory during the whole, long ceremony. Afterwards she said she hopes we can do that every year. As we were leaving we witnessed the most spectacular lightening storm I have ever seen. It was sky-wide, bright, fast and colorful. We drove home and had been home about 10 minutes when HUGE hail started to fall (3-4 inch diameter). I was afraid our upstairs skylights were going to break so I got us all down to the basement. The house seems to have come through okay but our car windshield is broken and there are dents and holes all over the car--no one was hurt and we have insurance, thank goodness.

Today and I had two lovely cleaning jobs, got home to write my talk for the upcoming WI homeschool conference and I am about to watch Oprah. Evie is out at the farm today, there are lots of egg hunts and parties this weekend, it is 82 degrees here today so I think it is time to put the screens on the house.

Life is awesome!

Days well lived!

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