Wednesday, April 26, 2006

Overwhelmed . . . in a good way!

Do you ever have those days when you look at your child and say "WOW! I am so lucky to be her mom!" ? I have been having those moments a lot lately. Evie is just such an amazing, thoughtful, funny, creative, passionate kid! We spent the morning snuggled up with Nancy Drew as usual. We usually start a new book each night and finish it in the morning. Scott finishes it after we go to bed because he can't stand the suspense of not knowing what happens!

We went out to the farm in the afternoon and planted beets, soybeans, carrots and peas. Evie laid out her own plot and planted the same things in hers. She said she would love a garden with only tomatoes, garlic and soybeans! She is CRAZY for edamame.

After planting we putzed in the woods, played by the stream and then sat in the tall grass and made dolls and god's eyes out of grass, pillows out of flowers and just let the wind and sun buffer us.

We came home and found two of Evie's friends waiting for her by our door to go bike riding (the new neighborhood craze). Evie is at the start of a rare cold and is a bit tired but she lit up like a Christmas tree at the sight of her friends and off she went, not even coming into the house. I am so glad she has such wonderful friends that make her so happy and who are so happy because of her.

I got an email announcing the latest Cirque du Soleil tickets in CHICAGO!!!!! Finally Scott wil get to come with us! I got tickets in the third row, I can't wait to tell Evie tonight!

The Scotland trip is right around the corner, I am excited and nervous (about finances mostly). Sometimes I don't like working, I hate to miss out on a day with Evie. On the other hand, because I am working we get to go to Scotland and Cirque du Soleil in the same year. We are very lucky!

A day well lived!

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