Friday, March 24, 2006

The fog is lifting . . .

Evie and I were both fever free today, I still sound like I am 1000 years old and about to cough up a lung but hey, we are doing MUCH better! I thought I would list what we did today:

*woke up and looked at fun catalogues together (HearthSong, King Arthur and local community rec. classes)
*started a story of a receipt tape (I will post a picture when it is done)
*painted a clay pot
*Evie orgnaized her desk
*watched a movie about Picasso
*Evie read part of a Kaya Mystery (American Girl Dolls)
*I worked on recreating stuff in my computer
*played Cranium Hullabaloo
*played "Make A Word Bingo"
*Evie made a cool bracelet with a kit from her birthday
*I read a book Evie got for her birthday (I admit I read it to myself, Evie was doing something else) The book is called: A Street Through Time
*Evie jumped on the trampoline
*Evie played Polly Pockets

I am sure we did other stuff too, my recall abilities aren't all back yet!

A much more comfortable day well lived!

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Ren said...

Your blog is really great! I stumbled across this when searching google (I remembered your asking to quote me, but never read your blog) and felt very honored.:)

I love seeing your happy kids!