Tuesday, March 21, 2006

Fevers and computer woes

Yesterday's birthday party was a smash success. Evie and her friends made an amazing castle out of cardboard boxes. It got moved to our back porch today. I absolutely loved that all of Evie's gifts from her friends were either handmade or things that the other kids owned and were giving to Evie. One little girl gave Evie a Barbie that Evie had once admired. They were all quite sweet together.

I woke up with a raging fever today and Evie succumbed this afternoon. On top of that my computer had truly died, taking with it all sorts of stuff that will be VERY hard to recreate. Not a great day but it givesus a reason to appreciate our unschooling life even more. We will take care of ourselves, get better, get help and keep going along. Enjoy the following pictures, I hope we are all up to more interesting blogging soon!

An exhausting day well lived!

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