Wednesday, March 08, 2006


This blog is finally hooked into the Unschooling Blog Ring! Hurrah! I hope that brings some new folks our way. It is also now linked from here :

What happened in our lives today? Well it is 4:00 pm and here is what has happened so far:

*woke up early
*watched Mexico travel movie
*I worked on a project for our church (I am helping to put together a service about the wisdom of the fool and its role in helping us to facilitate change--I got to stream a lot of Colbert Report)
*watched The Incredibles
*cleaned for overnight company--Evie dusted and cleaned the windows, I vaccuumed
*Evie found a tiny atlas and asked if she could have it (of course)
*colored a world map (the continents)
*she labelled the hemispheres "occidental" and "oriental"--she had never heard those names and heard them used in our travel movie, she says they are much "fancier" than "east" and "west"
*we colored South America in stripes because that is where Evie most wants to go
*we hung the map on ceiling to "give people a new perspective on the world" (Evie's words, meaning it is a joke/play on words)
*ate lunch
*did a deck of cards workout
*Evie built a house for her Polly Pocket dolls and had a princess meeting, I worked on the computer and made a few phone calls
*read more of The Meanest Doll In the World
*Evie recently ran down the block wearing three skirts for petticoats under her nightgown, barefoot to go look for friends

We have a crazy and somewhat stressful few days coming up, we are going out to dinner tonight. I think that is all I will write for today.

It has already been a day well lived!

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