Saturday, March 18, 2006

Archimedes and Nancy Drew

Evie's grandma is in town (Scott's mom) but she is not feeling well so we are in between full-on grandma time and regular life. Evie had a double grandma day yesterday, much to her delight. They went to the University of WI Geology Museum then to a gymnastics open house and out to lunch. My mom and Evie brought the other grandma home and then went out to the farm for frolicking. We went to a great St. Patrick's Day party last night and then I got to attend the birth of a dear friend. Boy, being a doula was a great job. I can't see getting back into it any time soon though, the hours are killer!

This morning Evie and I finished the latest Nancy Drew we were reading. Nancy extricated herself from a closet using a pole as a lever. Evie said, "Hey, Archimedes! Wasn't he the bathtub and screw guy too?"
"Huh?" I asked.
"You know, displacement and all that."
"Where did you hear about that?" I asked.
"I think it was in a comic book, let's measure displacment using a measuring cup, and egg and milk."
Yikes! What interesting connections!

Evie turns six on Monday, I can't believe it. She is having a Paradise Island (Wonder Woman's home) themed b-day party. The main event is to be creating a castle our of old boxes. That is what she asked for, that is what she is getting. She also asked for a double chocolate cake decorated with green frosting and Wonder Woman pictures from her books. She is getting that too. She is also getting way cool presents from Scott and I. I won't write about those until "the" day!

We are going out for Indonesian food tonight with grandma. After trapeze this morning Evie came home to play with friends and they have been reenacting the Nutcracker ballet all afternoon. I have been putzing and enjoying the sunshine.

A day very well lived!

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