Thursday, February 09, 2006


I went to bed in a bad mood and woke up in a bad mood.

Evie and I went to 4H this morning to play games with residents at a senior care facillity. It cheered me up a little. There was no evidence of Evie's sometimes shy demeanor. She chatted amiably and loudly (thank goodness, most of them were quite hard of hearing). We made valentines with the residents.

After lunch we made a teepee for Kaya and read a bunch of books about Native American groups. Friends appeared on roller blades outside and off she went. I really needed some time of not talking so I have been playing with this blog. The photo upload software is not working well, arggh! I feel like I need 900 websites to lay out everything I want to share with people.

We are off to a homeschool potluck tonight, I need a good shot in the arm of "this really works."

A day well lived . . . mostly!

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