Tuesday, February 07, 2006

New Museum

At the urging of someone in our homeschool group we visited the The Wisconsin Historical Museum. Wow! It is the best museum I have been to in years! Lots of hands-on stuff, well written and engaging text and take-home stuff. The gift shop alone was probably worth the trip. If only I were rich I woudl have bought a few hundred dollars worth of books there!

We went to the library and found the last Miss Pickerell book that we haven't read. We also found a new Mrs. Piggle Wiggle and lots of movies. We watched Kim Possible - A Sitch in Time and Jimmy Neutron - Attack of the Twonkies. I am not sure who enjoyed them more, me or Evie! Then we went for a 4 mile run, Evie on scooter and me running. When we came home we sat down with the Ms. Pickerell book and read the whole darn thing. We highly recommend the whole series (author Ellen MacGregor).

Last night we had a circus. I was tired and not very into it all. With Evie getting up so much earlier I don't have my usual "get things done" time anymore. I am working on carving it out.

A day well lived!

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