Wednesday, January 25, 2006

January 25, 2006

Early rising, snuggling, hot bath, breakfast, went to garage to get my Zimbabwe papers, worked on Zimbabwe display for 4H international potluck tomorrow, Evie made Zimbabwean flag, we pasted pictures from my trip to Zimbabwe in 1994, made sadza and muriwo just to make sure I still knew the recipe (Evie really liked in with ketchup), exercised together (me on stair climber with magazine, Evie on treadmill with movie on computer--that was a first and she loved it!), finished watching Carmen Sandiego movie, had snack, played two games checkers, read circus book, found out pottery class was cancelled, ate lunch, went ice skating, got picture taken for paper (again!) while ice skating, made bookmarks, Evie made an invitation to a ball for her friends, delivered invitation, had disco party in living room, Evie and friends set up comic book store, Evie and friends playing "Scavenger Hunt," worked on blog.

I went to a meeting and Scott and Evie read books and came up with a crazy way to set the table, Evie and I played a finding game and then "Shut the Box," Evie and Scott are playing legos now, almost time for me to go to bed.

A day well lived!

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