Wednesday, January 25, 2006

Here it goes! January 25, 2006

I have never been good at keeping a journal but I have been so inspired and fascinated by other blogs I have been reading and I have so many ideas in my head right now that I figured I may as well dive in with our own adventures. One thing I hear from homeschoolers again and again is "I just want to be a fly on the wall of other people's homes." Well, here is your chance! My plan is to publish a short list of what happens at our house each day with any thoughts that come along with those activities.

We are not homeschoolers. I guess we would be called unschoolers, I would prefer to think that we are just interesting, interested people living our lives and being happy. I guess I should also write a few words of introduction. My husband works at home, our daughter was born in 2000, I work one day a week and own four businesses. We have two cats.

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